Chain of Masters

Maha Maha Mahes Yogi Brahma

At the beginning of everything, The first grand master of the original yoga system, Brahma, received the original yoga system from the universal spirit.

four kumara: (left to right)

maha maha yogi sanaka

maha maha yogi sanata

maha maha yogi sanandana

maha maha yogi sanatana

these four sons of brahma spread the original yoga system to all beings at all planetary levels.

maha rishi mahesh yogi veda vyasa

A great sage and yogi who divided The universal information called Veda (Knowledge), which Brahma transferred to his sons at the beginning of the universe, into four Segments. he dictated this to his students 6000 years ago, so that mankind could better understand.

Maha Maha yogi patanjali

the great yogi who summarized the original yoga system without the corruption of the religious beliefs and rituals of the hindus. he presented this to mankind with his book: yoga sutra 2,200 years ago.

Maha vishnu mahesh yogi

the great supporter yogi, who currently lives in the himalayan mountains and preserves the original yoga system so that he may transfer it to the selected people. 

paramahamsa yogacharya maha yogi 

the great master who is in charge of conveying the original yoga system to society.