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SUFIA HOSSAIN               


Sufia Hossain was born in Dhaka, Bangladesh and grew up in Queens, NY. She attended the Fashion Institute of Technology for her bachelor's degree and worked in the corporate fashion industry for 7 years. Sufia then made a jump to creating her own hot sauce brand called Silly Chilly Hotsauce. Sufia has been practicing different types of yoga on and off for the last 15 years. In January 2019 while Sufia was visiting Los Angeles she dropped into a Yoga Academy class presented by Haruna Uriu and noticed that she felt very comfortable and easy after the lesson. Sufia then returned to NYC to her regular lifestyle. In March 2019, Sufia has presented the opportunity to become an Original Yoga System Trainer and Therapist and took another leap. Before starting the training program, Sufia was in a lot of physical and mental pain. Practicing the Original Yoga System helped her and helping her to get through everyday stressful life. She wishes to continue on her journey and is grateful for this life change.

Urdhva Ekahasta Bhastrikasana

Elizabeth harmon koppe       


For the past five years, Elizabeth has been working with undergraduate students through conflict resolution and study abroad programs. In addition, she is the Program Manager of a high school program that focuses on examining institutionalized racism, celebrating differences, and giving students the space to create positive community programs of their own. Yoga was a natural next step for her personal development given her work on conflict resolution and as someone who is interested in the secular ethics where inner transformation naturally extends to positive community effects. Elizabeth was introduced to Yoga Academy and the Original Yoga System through instructors Haruna and James Uriu and had found this practice to be exactly what it claims: original. The system gives the tools so individuals can heal the body and mind from within, and it encourages a simple understanding that it is within our power to achieve our goals. It is devoid of any religious influences and rather has a more scientific approach to its practice.

Ardha Mandalasana



Guglielmo Montone was born in Napoli, Italy in 1982. He has a mater in physics and a PhD in computer science and is currently running his own company in Paris. He believes in human, in their possibility to have a more healthy life style, to be more careful for the environment, to build a more sustainable and equal society where no one is left behind. Guglielmo is committed to express these messages for a better life and community through the Original Yoga System .

Meru Arkashasana 



Christian Maximiliano Erlan Monti was born in San Miguel de Tucuman, Argentina. He graduated as a lawyer from the National University of Cordoba. He lived his childhood in Santiago del Estero and when he turned 20 he moved to the city of Cordoba capital. Christian became a Yoga Instructor in Cordoba, Argentina in 2010. In 2013 he travelled to India to learn about its culture and went to Rishikesh to practice Yoga in different schools and with different Indian teachers. In 2017, he decided to travel to Istanbul, Turkey to learn the Original Yoga System and take classes directly with Paramahamsa Yogacharya Maha Yogi and graduate as instructor of  the Original Yoga System. He also participated in several Yoga Academy Festivals in different cities of Turkey. Today he is teaching Original Yoga System in Argentina. His spiritual name is "Kriya"given directly by The Great Master of Yoga, Paramahamsa Yogacharya Maha Yogi.

Urdhva Ekahasta Bhastrikasana



Maria Laura Carranza Aliaga was born in Córdoba, Argentina. She graduated from Siglo University in Psychology and became a  Transpersonal Therapist. She practices biodanza,a system of self-development that uses music, movement and positive feelings to deepen self-awareness and various other holistic therapies. She did volunteer work to help people. She always interested in spiritual matter. She traveled through Latin America exploring Mexico and Brazil in her spiritual search. Maria met the Original Yoga System in 2016 and became interested. Maria found herself wanting to practice it and learn more about it. She started taking regular classes and finally decided to do the International Master Key Teacher Training Program. She became a Yoga Academy Therapist & Trainer to offer the Original Yoga System to humanity in Argentina. Currently she gives regular classes in Córdoba Capital  helping people to lead a healthy, peaceful, spiritual and happy life. 

Volkan Dizman


Volkan was born in 1996 and completed his school education in Turkey. After getting married and moved to Germany in 1993, and he worked as a sales assistant in a private company. In 2013, he met a friend who enjoyed the Original Yoga System and started to practice it regularly. Volkan regularly attends the live online classes during the weekends while he lives in Munich.

Matsyasana one

Beth suzanne sabala - las vegas, nv


Beth is a former dancer from the Polynesian Islands of Hawaii, and is now living in Las Vegas, NV. She is a mother of 4 sons, and has 6 grandchildren. In the past year, Beth has taken classes her first class and was revitalized and inspired by Original Yoga System, especially after going to Awareness festival in Antalya Turkey August 2018.

“The MK training is part of my personal transformation to awaken the body, mind and spirit connection. I feel the positive energy of Original Yoga System flowing in all areas of my life. I am blessed and grateful.”


Eka Hasta Bhastrikasana

Neshan was born in Izmir, Turkey in 1972. She graduated from Izmir Camlaralti Koleji. Since 1989, she worked on public relations, sales marketing, production planning in the private sector. In 2006, she started working at Izmir Konak Municipality for public relations and private sector. Then, she moved to New York, Long Island with her children in 2018. She participated in several associations,  philosophy and meditation groups, and read many books due to pursue answers for the meaning of life. She often pondered,"Why are we here?", "What is the purpose of our existence in this universe?". However, she unsuccessful in this pursuit. Then, in 2016 after some heartthrob, acid reflux, and a herniated disk, she met with the Original Yoga System in Izmir after a friend's suggestion. Since then, she has been practicing the Original Yoga System. During her spiritual journey, she found the answers from the books of Great Yoga Master Paramahamsa Yogacharya Maha Yogi. She recovered from her health issues. To share the miracles of being healthy, knowing oneself, establishing a mind-body balance, experiencing serenity, happiness, and peace Neshan decided to become a Yoga Academy trainer.


Urdhva Padmasana.jpg

Jia Yang has been practicing yoga since 2009. Yoga had always been a thing that he does to balance out his life. It allowed him to stay centered and sturdy in the midst of chaos and panic. He became a teacher to deepen his understandıng and practice of the Original Yoga System, so he can share the benefits with others.

Urdhva Padmasana



Frederique participated in stretching exercises for a long time before she discovered the Original Yoga System. She connected to the Original Yoga System in the Paris branch of the Yoga Academy and found herself to practice with passion. She decided to attend Master Key training at Yoga Academy with Oytun, who conveyed the basic values ​​of Yoga.



Svetlana Skilyar, born in 1972 in Russia, and graduated from Pedagogy University in Siberia in 1994 in the department of philology and foreign language. In 1998, she came to Turkey and worked in an export company. Throughout her life, she was curious about philosophy and human science. In 2011, she was acquainted with the Original Yoga System and became a fan of this system. The deep and unique information she found in this system had a positive effect on her life in every way by enabling her to discover the truth. All her quests have ended and she decided to become an instructor at Yoga Academy. Under the guidance of Master, Svetlana strives to transfer such knowledge to humanity and ensure that the extraordinary benefits are available to everyone.

Svetlana Skilyar 

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