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Sufia Hossain was born in Dhaka, Bangladesh and grew up in Queens, NY. She attended the Fashion Institute of Technology for her bachelor's degree and worked in the corporate fashion industry for 7 years. Sufia then made a jump to creating her own hot sauce brand called Silly Chilly Hotsauce. Sufia has been practicing different types of yoga on and off for the last 15 years. In January 2019 while Sufia was visiting Los Angeles she dropped into a Yoga Academy class presented by Haruna Uriu and noticed that she felt very comfortable and easy after the lesson. Sufia then returned to NYC to her regular lifestyle. In March 2019, Sufia has presented the opportunity to become an Original Yoga System Trainer and Therapist and took another leap. Before starting the training program, Sufia was in a lot of physical and mental pain. Practicing the Original Yoga System helped her and helping her to get through everyday stressful life. She wishes to continue on her journey and is grateful for this life change.

Urdhva Ekahasta Bhastrikasana

Elizabeth harmon koppe       

Ardha Mandalasana

For the past five years, Elizabeth has been working with undergraduate students through conflict resolution and study abroad programs. In addition, she is the Program Manager of a high school program that focuses on examining institutionalized racism, celebrating differences, and giving students the space to create positive community programs of their own. Yoga was a natural next step for her personal development given her work on conflict resolution and as someone who is interested in the secular ethics where inner transformation naturally extends to positive community effects. Elizabeth was introduced to Yoga Academy and the Original Yoga System through instructors Haruna and James Uriu and had found this practice to be exactly what it claims: original. The system gives the tools so individuals can heal the body and mind from within, and it encourages a simple understanding that it is within our power to achieve our goals. It is devoid of any religious influences and rather has a more scientific approach to its practice.

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