World famous and great author Akif Manaf has published more than 60 books. The books of the author have been translated into over 70 languages. He is currently writing more similar books.


The author was born 60 years ago to an intellectual and sophisticated family of doctors. He has devoted himself to the self-improvement and spiritual evolution of mankind. The author has participated in various trainings, written books, and founded associations and international federations for the purpose of serving the spiritual evolution of humanity. ​


He first received an education in the field of Cybernetic Economics to understand the economic, political, and ideological dynamics of global society. After completing master`s and doctoral degrees, he began to analyze the psychological situation of today’s people in detail.

The author is one of the few noteworthy enlightened people on the planet with his extraordinary talents of observation, perception, and capacity for empathy. He is an expert at explaining the cause and effect relationship mirroring to the reader in his books. He is also extraordinarily skilled at hinting at the magnificent delight of existence, the cosmic mechanism as well as human and superhuman values to the reader through his eloquent writing. ​

Since the author is fully aware of being a spiritual and eternal being rather than a mortal body, he continues to live in this direction and share this spiritual awareness with all of humanity: “The unique solution for all political, economic, and ideological crises and problems existing on the planet is the awareness of being a spiritual and eternal being rather than a mortal body; it is the unearthing of the real inner identity. We are eternal and conscious beings full of delight and love…A human rapidly evolves spiritually and is freed from all problems and suffering when he or she is enlightened and begins to exist with consciousness.” ​