Haruna Asakawa Uriu

Yoga Academy Teacher Trainer


Haruna is a certified Original Yoga System Teacher Trainer & Therapist and Balanced Body Pilates Instructor. She is a board member for the American Yoga Association, a yoga nonprofit organization and has taught at hospitals, schools, universities, charity events, and local businesses. With a Masters in Psychology and a career as an Associate Marriage Family Therapist, she understands that movement, breath, and meditation is key to calm the anxieties of modern day society.  


Haruna offers a large variety of classes including but not limited to: 

Yoga (Beginner, Intermediate, Advance)

Yoga for Weight Loss, Yoga for Stress Management

Yoga for Prenatal

Yoga for 60+ 

Yoga for Kids

Pranayama: Breathing Techniques


Real Flow

International Yoga Expert Certification Provider (IYEC 500 hr)

Master Key: International Teacher Training and Certification Program


Haruna is one of the first ten in the United States who is certified as an Original Yoga System Trainer & Therapist. The Original Yoga System (OYS), or Maha Yoga, translates as “great” or “superior” Yoga in Vedic literature. There are hundreds of thousands of techniques in this system. These techniques form the base of the Yoga system and have been scientifically proven to cover the health needs of all kinds of people. Her aim is to utilize the OYS system to promote a healthier lifestyle on the mental, physical, and spiritual platform.

Haruna's Offerings


Los Angeles, California


English & Japanese

Phone and WhatsApp:

(209) 607 - 0141



Locations: Culver City, Brentwood, Monterey Park 

                    *Currently all classes held online*

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Facebook: Yoga Academy USA

Instagram: Haruna_Uriu