Kristina Pushkina

Kristina Pushkina was born in November 15 in Russia, Tver. She graduated from the Tver State University where she studied foreign languages - French, German and English along with international communication. After finishing business English course she worked as an English interpreter in the spear of bank and finance in Moscow. She always considered herself as a person who was born not only in her own country, but of the planet Earth, and began to travel. From her childhood she always had a passion for the arts of dance, music and cinematography. She went on as an actress to play a leading role in the European movie "Dimension Kafka", the script of which was written based off works of Franz Kafka. Despite these experiences, Kristina always dreamed of mastering the unique mystery of Yoga, being the best way to bring body and mind in full harmony. Her first meeting with Yoga was in the age of 18 under the local yoga master in Russia. In February 2015, she discovered Yoga Academy and became a trainer. She can't stop admiring how quick positive results of training with a real master Paramahamsa Yogacharya Maha Yogi had produced.

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