After receiving information about Yoga Academy’s Teacher Training Program, there was a very strong feeling that this was something she should offer at her Center. After speaking with Selva Ari, a Yoga Academy instructor, and learning more about Yoga Academy and what the Original Yoga System was about, there was no doubt this was something Mary Anne wanted to offer to the community. Her first class was a satellite class with Paramahamsa Yogacharya Maha Yogi. She could immediately feel the benefits and began taking more classes with Selva Ari. After her second class, she surprised herself by enrolling in the Master Key Teacher Training Program! Mary Anne is very passionate about empowering others and assisting them to tap into their own innate wisdom to heal and grow. She also believes in the importance of living one’s life in the spirit of evolution and consciousness. In her practice, she sees individuals struggling with everything from common life issues to chronic and terminal illness. She believes the Original Yoga System is a great tool to help her clients overcome obstacles, stressors and afflictions and achieve optimum wellness on all levels of their being! Thank you, Paramahamsa Yogacharya Maha Yogi and Selva Ari for blessing us with the Original Yoga System!!

Currently, Mary Anne oversees a staff of over twelve health and wellness professionals who practice in a variety of disciplines. She also hosts outside presenters for various certification programs and lectures at her center. Her first love is her private practice where she specializes in Energy Medicine, Life Coaching and Holistic Health Consultations to help others. In addition, she and other staff members at The Center facilitate workshops and presentations for various groups, institutions, and charitable organizations in the area.