All habits and addictions must be overcome in order to reach the truth. To reach the truth, all unreal things must be destroyed. Onlywhen all the unreal ones go away will the truth come. You should be ready for the arrival of the truth. The truth cannot be given as an object because it is not objective. So, it cannot be taken back. Once you reach the truth, it is with you forever. It was already with you; you just chose to forget it. If you choose to remember again, it is in your real self. To see the truth, you must leave all those unreal things that surround you and stay naked because only then can you see the truth in all its nakedness. The naked truth is in your true self forever. When you are integrated with your true self, you will become the truth itself because you are real. The truth encourages the individual. So the individual who knows the truth is not afraid of the ignorant crowd and stands against it. The truth lives in the vibration of the individual who knows it and makes the hearts of those who seek the truth tremble because the truth is an existential vibration. When one encounters the truth, the intelligence must be awakened because one cannot recognize the truth otherwise. The individual must be free of all prejudice in order to awaken the intelligence and recognize the truth!

Truth Book


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