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Paramahamsa yogacharya maha yogi

Eka Hasta Mayurasana

Paramahamsa Yogacharya Maha Yogi is one of the most accomplished Yogis in the West. He has spent most of his life serving humanity, helping students achieve radiant health and spiritual evolution through Yoga.

Selva ari  - Istanbul 

Setu Bandhasana

Selva Ari was born in Illinois, she graduated from the Bilkent University with a Bachelor of Arts from the Department of Interior Architecture and Environmental Design in 2002. She trained intensively in child psychology and took active part in voluntary projects with the United Nations, ILO, and UNICEF. Selva also worked respectively for Ethan Allen Interiors as a design consultant, MAI Marsh & Associates, Inc., and Home Depot for 8 years. Afterwards, Selva dedicated all of her time to the intensive care of a family member. She came to the realization and understanding of the importance of health in body, mind, and spirit, as well as the value of each individual breath we take. In her quest for a Master, she participated in a three day workshop, ‘6 Different Chakra Practices’, led by one of the most accomplished Yogis in the West – Paramahamsa Yogacharya Maha Yogi, founder and head instructor of the Yoga Academy.

Now she teaches on an international platform, and has been aired on yoga health channels and talk shows. She also holds a gold medal in the World Yoga Choreography Competition. 

 Haruna Asakawa Uriu   - Los Angeles

Purna Bujangasana

Haruna Asakawa was born in Kobe, Japan and moved to California. She graduated from the University of California, Irvine with a BA in Psychology, Social Behavior with a minor in Humanities and Law.  As a Filipino-Japanese American, Haruna studied the stress mechanism in relation to self identity, and yearned to find a way to help others build a positive perspective and resilience from today’s modern and stressful world. After meeting Selva Ari, she instinctively knew that the Original Yoga System would lead her to a spiritual life path. Since then, she has encountered personal transformation with a steady and staggering rate of growth with the Yoga Academy, Master Key Teacher Training Program. Currently, Haruna is a board member for the American Yoga Association, a yoga nonprofit organization. She has given classes to hospitals, high schools, universities, churches, and local businesses. 

Hannah Bacaron - los angeles / Orange county, ca


Hannah Cherise lives in Los Angeles, California. She has been practicing Yoga since 2009. She has always wanted to get certified in Yoga, but never found a course that spoke to her like Original Yoga System. They say that when the student is ready, the teacher will present themselves. This is was the case for Hannah. She felt that the corporate world was pulling her away from her true self and sought to give back through teaching. However, she was not looking to teach Yoga as popularized Yoga did not align with her personal practice. After taking one Original Yoga System class, Hannah took the plunge and got certified. Her hopes are to transform the Yoga community in LA and to reintroduce people to who they really are - which is an eternal soul living in unconditional love. 

Nitya Bhoomi Reddy - Irvine, CA

Meru Arkashasana

Nitya Bhoomi Reddy was born in Hyderabad, India. She worked in India and Australia before moving to the US to live with her husband. She graduated from JNTU, Hyderabad with Bachelors in Information Technology. She did her Masters in Business Administration and Master of Science in Information Systems from Iowa State University, USA. She has a sweet little daughter named Sai Sahasra. She learned yoga in her childhood from her grandpa and felt yoga should be part of everyone's life. But as she got busy with life's journey, she lost touch with yoga. She believes in destiny and that everything happens for a reason. She immediately felt a connection when she met Haruna Asakawa, her yoga instructor. She fell in love with the original yoga system and got drawn to her instructor to learn this great art of yoga. She believes the original yoga system is the most pure form of yoga that can revitalize the human life. She is really thankful to her motherland, India that has given her this amazing gift of yoga and to her trainer who has brought her back to this great art. She believes its her responsibility to share this precious fruit with others to make a difference in their lives.

Sherina Shahbazian-Camacho- Guadalajara, Mexico

Raja Janu Shirshasana

Sherina Laureta Shahbazian was born in Tehran, Iran, in 1983. She moved to Dallas Texas in 2000 due to persecution of Baha’i community in Iran. She has graduated from Texas Tech University with B.S. in Chemistry and MD from Universidad Autónoma de Guadalajara School of Medicine. She is fluent in 3 languages, English, Farsi and Spanish. She has been always interested in heath and how it is interlaced with spirituality. She was introduced to Original Yoga System by her cousin Haruna Asakawa while searching for truth and learning about Chakras. She noticed her awareness had increased during the teachers training. She was intrigued that the Original Yoga System is another avenue for her to help and educate the patients while treating their illness.

Mckenzie thompson - IDYLLWILD, CA


Born and raised in Kentucky, McKenzie moved to the West Coast shortly after Yoga found her. She fell in love with her practice and decided this is the future she wanted to pursue. She found peace and healing and wanted to devote that to others. Her professional background as a Hair and Makeup Artist also showed her the love we can grant to an individual to really make an impact on their day to day lives. Service to others has always been a passion and she hopes to continue that now with the Original Yoga System. After traveling around the world in search of a Yoga Teacher Training Program, McKenzie intuitively found the International Master Key-Teacher Training Program offered Las Vegas, NV and successfully fulfilled the certification requirements. Since then, she has moved to Idyllwild and has been honing her yoga practice ever since. Although a traveler at heart, she found her new home and hopes to share this gift with all of Idyllwild! 


Supta Vajrasana
Eka Pada Setu Asana

christine bartolotta - New York

Carlos Camacho, born in Artesia, California and raised in small town of Bullhead City, Arizona. Enjoys the study of electromagnetism and its applications to wireless communication and sensors. From his science background, Carlos perceives the body is liken to an antenna.  As he continues on with the Original Yoga System, he notices that the body becomes a strong receptor attracting more universal life energy to oneself in order to continue spiritual evolution.


Carlos camacho - Guadalajara, Mexico

Christine Bartolotta is a native of Auburn, New York. Christine has spent the past 15 years as a middle school English teacher. She is also a certified event planner and fitness instructor, with certificates in Barre, Zumba and Pilates. In her early 20’s Christine started practicing yoga under a local yogi and was hooked! She was captivated by both the physical and spiritual results that yoga helped her achieve. She continued to practice yoga and teach classes, but until starting her training in the Original Yoga System, she realized that with all of the mainstream versions of yoga out there, she had gotten away from the true essence of it. With this system she feels as though she has returned home! 

Yosun Cemile Serdaroglu 


Yosun was born in Fatsa, Turkey in 1985 and graduated with a Nursing Degree from HBO-5. She spends her life as a part-time nurse, and actively teaches children on the side. Yosun was educated in philosophy and psychology. She also undergone extensive training for yoga and pilates. Thanks to the Yoga Academy festivals, she was acquainted with the Original Yoga System. Experiencing the Original Yoga System, Yosun realized that her energy and creativity has increased. She enjoys life more and her thoughts became were clear. She decided to become a Yoga Academy teacher because she wanted everyone to experience the difference of the benefits of the Original Yoga System.

Devora Huidobro

WhatsApp Image 2019-04-23 at 1.55.35 PM.

Devora Huidobro was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina and relocated to Las Vegas, USA in 1999. Devora encountered yoga at an early age from the influence of her mother who is an avid yoga practitioner and massage therapist. Growing up, she practiced different disciplines for many years: ballet, modern dance, Tai Chi and field hockey. She became a personal trainer and a fit model for the fashion industry. She then pursued her own career in fashion design. Devora also worked for local and international renowned brands like Diesel and Guess as the CEO of design. Traveling the world to places like England, USA, Spain, Brazil, Italy, Uruguay and France for fifteen years has never stopped her from working out. Practicing yoga was always her best way to relieve stress, find calm, and integrate with the universe. 

Sevel yoral - New jersey 

45_k - Copy.jpg

Born in Bulgaria in 1980, Sevel Yoral graduated from Anadolu University Business Administration Faculty in 2003 in Turkey. After the university, she worked in banking Industry. Her first interaction with the Original Yoga System was through the Yoga Academy website and  Great Master Paramahamsa Yogacharya Maha Yogi DVDs. Since January 2012, she has been attending regularly to the classes of the Great Master Paramahamsa Yogacharya Maha Yogi, while joining the yoga festivals and reading his books. She is discovered that with the Original Yoga System, her awareness increased daily, and she gained the ability to stay at the moment for the first time in her life. Sevel decided to become a yoga instructor to teach and share the Original Yoga System to others.

Salambha Sirshasana One

Nidhi Tiyyagura - Sacramento, California

Vrishabasana one

Nidhi Tiyyagura was born in Los Angeles, California in 1992. She moved many times  throughout the United States before settling down Northern California. She was always interested in spirituality since a young age and wanted to improve the world through love and healing. Her desire to heal led her to Medical School. She was then introduced to the Original Yoga System by her best friend, Haruna Asakawa, who later on trained her for OYS. She fell in love with it instantly and could see its immediate effect on her life and those around her. Bringing peace and clarity to someone`s life through Yoga seemed to be an amazing gift to humanity. The focus and concentration gained from practicing Yoga also manifested in her ability to study for many hours without exhaustion and also to become a more loving and compassionate person, able to handle the ups and downs of life with more understanding and patience. Once inner balance is achieved, everything else falls into place. The benefits seem limitless! Impressed, she decided to become a Original Yoga System Trainer to spread the message of love, healing and spiritual development. She looks forward to bringing Yoga to more people and helping them work toward a happy and healthy life.

Stephanie harrison-croft

B.U.P. Janushirsasana

Stephanie was born in Yorkshire, England UK. She lived and worked in many countries during my lifetime working with animals in many sectors to which she holds a passion for. Nature and the natural world are also close to her heart. Since July 2004, she have lived in Northern Cyprus where she encountered Yoga Academy in Girne in October 2012. Since then, she learned that the Original Yoga System has huge benefits for both her mind and body.  Stephanie went on to became an instructress to share these benefits with others. Being English, she hopes that English speaking people will have greater access to the Original Yoga System than ever before. 

mary anne giacona

Sukha Baddha Paschimottasana

Mary Anne Giacona was born on July 4th, 1959 in Auburn, NY. She holds a Masters in Theology and is the owner of The Center, a natural health center and spa located in Auburn NY. Over the years she has studied with some of the country’s foremost leaders in the field of Energy Anatomy, Spirituality and Natural Healing, accumulating 20+ years in the field of Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM).  Over the years she had experimented with many Yoga styles but never really felt an affinity to continue … something always seemed to be missing. She continued to practice sporadically at home, just feeling her body and responding with various postures rather intuitively. When she met with the Original Yoga System, something began to shift.

Lauren Briones - San diego

lauren bio.jpg
Ardha Mandalasana

Lauren Briones was born in Southern California and currently resides in San Diego. She has a background in art and is studying for her Bachelors in Child Development. Lauren discovered the benefits of the Original Yoga System in 2014 when she experienced an easy and successful delivery of her son, Jude, after applying the breathing techniques she learned in her prenatal classes. She noticed physical and emotional benefits as she continued on her spiritual journey. Lauren is determined to help other mothers find themselves and to show children how to love the world around them through the Original Yoga System. 

Kristina pushkina

Ekapada Urdhva Dhanurasana

Kristina Pushkina was born in November 15 in Russia, Tver. She graduated from the Tver State University where she studied foreign languages - French, German and English along with international communication. After finishing business English course she worked as an English interpreter in the spear of bank and finance in Moscow. She always considered herself as a person who was born not only in her own country, but of the planet Earth, and began to travel. From her childhood she always had a passion for the arts of dance, music and cinematography. She went on as an actress to play a leading role in the European movie "Dimension Kafka", the script of which was written based off works of Franz Kafka. Despite these experiences, Kristina always dreamed of mastering the unique mystery of Yoga, being the best way to bring body and mind in full harmony. Her first meeting with Yoga was in the age of 18 under the local yoga master in Russia. In February 2015, she discovered Yoga Academy and became a trainer. She can't stop admiring how quick positive results of training with a real master Paramahamsa Yogacharya Maha Yogi had produced.

Kerin Bombarde schwartz

Muka Hasta Merudandasana

Kerin Bombarde Schwartz was raised in San Francisco with her family. She gained her love of travel and exercise from her parents Bob and Laura. After graduating from University with a diploma in the communication sector, she worked years of sales, distribution and project-installation work until she opened her own estate company in 2006 with her ex-husband Jim. She felt stress running her own business, and often sought for a time of self care and excitement. Kerin always had an interest in yoga. and was the first student of Selva Ari at ArtForm Studio. She could not find a more unbelievable love, energy, purity of the soul, and fantastic good nature. She came 6 times a week and wanted more. By reading the book `What is Yoga? What Is Not? " by Great Master Paramahamsa Yogacharya Maha Yogi. she began to understand the basic principles of the original Yoga System and why it was different from the other Yoga styles. She understood how important it was to be able to complete the movement with the breath, and began to focus better. Her family gave her enough encouragement to become a full-fledged yoga trainer. Kerin continues to develop her physical and mental awareness, and desires to help others unlock the "unbelievable, hidden potential" world that the Original Yoga System unveils.

rafael trias


Rafael was born in Okinawa, Japan and grew up in California. He is an avid outdoor enthusiast who can often be found skiing or hiking in the mountains on the weekends. He graduated from the University of California, Irvine with a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering and has worked in the fast-paced automotive, prototyping, and aviation industries. In 2013, he tried yoga as a way to relieve stress from work, but it wasn't until a year later that he fully integrated it into his lifestyle.With a history of diverse activities including long distance running, cycling, motorsports, and rock climbing, he had his fair share of set backs because of injuries. Yoga's healing and strengthening effects helped him recover both physically and mentally from chronic pain, and has since been able to fully enjoy the activities on a whole new level!


Rafael's favorite part about yoga is the power of the breath because it brings connection to the present moment. Realizing the positive effects yoga has to the human body, mind, and spirit, his intention in teaching is to provide a platform for others to discover their own journey of happiness, health, and freedom.

james masato uriu

Ardha Mandalasana

James Masato Uriu was born in Chiba, Japan. He currently resides in Irvine and teaches the Original Yoga System at the Konnect Pilates Studio while working full-time to help organize congregation communities for social justice advocacy in Orange County. His passions for solving internal and interpersonal conflict led him to graduate with degrees in International Studies, Japanese Language and Literature, and Conflict Resolution from the University of California, Irvine. During his time at UCI he was able to travel, study, and find spiritual truths in Japan, South East Asia, and the South Caucuses region; including Turkey. James became certified in mediation and restorative justice facilitation before becoming introduced to the Original Yoga System in March of 2014. Under the guidance of the Great Master Paramahamsa Yogacharya Maha Yogi and the Original Yoga System, James was able to heal his own life traumas, discover balance, and continues to discover his true self. He received his Yoga Academy Master Key training from Haruna Asakawa in November of 2014 and now hopes to keep spreading spiritual truth and healing through teaching the Original Yoga System. 


darel bio.jpg

Darel Kapetanović was born on May 28. 1986 in Čapljina (Bosnia and Herzegovina). After graduating History in Sarajevo Bosnia and Herzegovina, he was awarded with a scholarship for Master studies in Izmir (Turkey). Precisely during the study of History at Ege University he was introduced to the Original Yoga System for the first time. His path of exploring the Original Yoga System enabled Darel to experience a total transformation of himself. Yoga has, ever since the first encounter in 2012, become an important part of him, i.e. his life style.


kalyan venmuri


Kalyan Vemuri was born in Hyderabad, India, in 1988. He worked in multiple cities in India and moved to California in 2013. He graduated from Osmania University, Hyderabad with a Bachelors in Electronics and Communication Engineering. He was always interested in Yoga, but once he met the right trainer, Haruna Asakawa, there was no looking back. He saw a change in himself after he included Yoga in his daily routine. He started managing time better and also improved his concentration. He is happy to be a part of the learning and teaching process which will help transform lives  of people around.


lia marian.jpg
Eka Pada Purvottanasana One

Lia was born in Argentina in 1976 and at an early age moved to the United States with her family where she attended High School and College.  After getting married she moved to Peru and lived there for over a decade.  She has an extensive background and experience in the Business Administrative field.  Her last employment was working at the US Embassy in Peru for the US Department of State and US Department of Justice. She discovered and fell in love with Yoga in late 2015 after going through a difficult time in her life and realized Yoga helped to manage stress, created mental clarity and calmness into her life. She is currently back in the United States transitioning her personal and career path and is focusing on yoga and being a loving and mindful mother to her children. She looks forward to continuing her growth in the spiritual evolution and is honored to now be able to teach the Original Yoga System, helping to bring balance, awareness, health, and happiness into other’s lives.  She will always be a student of the practice and is deeply grateful for the loving wisdom her teachers have shared with her.

Lijie Chen

Lijie Chen.gif

Lijie Chen (LJ) was born in China in 1991. She lived in China for 16 years and then moved to the United States in 2007. In 2014, she obtained Bachelor of Science degree in Biomedical Engineering at the University of California, Irvine (UCI). She found Yoga Academy while taking a yoga class at the Anteater Recreation Center at UCI with her teacher Selva Ari. She really enjoyed the improvement on her posture and the benefits for her health so she joined the Yoga Academy-Master Key International Teacher Training & Certification Program in Irvine, California, to become a certified Original Yoga System Trainer and Therapist. She would like to introduce the Original Yoga System to more people and help them have long-lasting health benefits from yoga.


Alex le

Alexander Le.gif
Prasarita Padasana

Alexander (Alex) Le was born in Monterey, California in the summer of 1991. He studies Public Health Sciences at the University of California, Irvine. His future career plans include completing medical school, leading countless medical missions around the globe, and increasing the human lifespan as much as possible. Alex has always been a very active and ambitious individual in the atmospheres of volunteering, sports, academia, music, and dance. What he enjoys most in life is helping others in any way he can to seeing others smile because smiling is one of the most beautiful expressions. Some say he has Helper’s Syndrome, but many see him as an aspiring superhero. Alex believes that the greatest gift in life is giving, and he uses his superpowers which encompasses music, education, and medicine to make the world a better place to live. For several years, he practices Yoga alongside both workout and breakdance sessions because it helps maintains a healthier and more stable body. Yoga has always kept him mentally and physically sound. As a Yoga trainer, he hopes to encourage clients to live healthier lives both mentally and physically. 

Tuba  Ayden

Tuba Aydin.gif
Ardha Mayurasana

Tuba Aydin was born in 1985. Graduated Physical Education and Trainer at Abant İzzet Baysal Univesity. During university, years focused on physical activity and motor development in children. She specialized in gymnastics. Worked on Pilates with adults. She has been living in the USA since 2011. Currently studying at UCLA (University of California, Los Angeles) on Fitness Instruction. In this time interested in Yoga. She achieved mental and spiritual peace with Yoga in a different way than other activities and focused on the Original Yoga System. Lives in Los Angeles County in the state of California and keep working on the Original Yoga System. Her biggest wish is encouraging people to start Yoga and share all the unique information about the Original Yoga System with people to affect their lives in a positive way.

Angelina breen


Born in 1983 in Syracuse, NY, Angelina Breen had always felt a calling to healing. In 2009, she became a massage therapist and Reiki Master. Angelina feels a love and compassion for all living beings and loved helping others. She also love using the body to connect with the spirit, and tried many forms of physical activities like weight lifting, dance videos, and martial arts. Once she started the Original Yoga System, she found a happiness she had never felt before. Angelina has known herself to have always been a spiritual being and confirmed that she was on the right path with this system.

Eric Brazile Jr.  - Long Beach, Ca


Eric Brazile Jr. was born in 1988 in sunny Los Angeles, California of two loving parents, both of whom serve as devoted educators. Eric studied biology and human communications at Long Beach State University, and it was at this time he discovered Yoga. Since a child, Eric has embraced his love of music, playing instruments, singing in choirs, and dancing in performance ensembles. He continues to develop these arts, further tuning into the healing power of sound and movement and works as a behavioral therapist for students with special needs. This connection imparts the importance of listening, compassion, sensitivity, actively adapting learning and teaching styles, and working together to reach the fullness of our potential as a human family. Eric has witnessed firsthand how breathing techniques, proper postures, and meditation, along with spending time in nature can help calm anxiety and restore vitality and a sense of peacefulness within our energetic being.  The Original Yoga System offers an opportunity to apply ancient wisdom in a modern world, providing the tools to attain balance and harmony in body and mind. Eric is grateful and inspired to cultivate a lifelong practice of health and mindfulness through the Original Yoga System, within and together, bringing awareness to a greater perspective.

Mine kutulay 

Ugra Bhucangasana

Mine was born in London, UK in 1972 and lived there for many years. She graduated with a degree in Classical Archeology and trained in fields such as EDCL, Public Relations, and MBA at the Archaeological Museology at Birbeck College, University of London. She went on to participate in differing government agencies such as NHS in the UK. In 2008 - 2009, Mine became an English teacher through the University of Cambridge and moved to Thailand in 2010. She began her spiritual quest there by practicing Yoga on a regular basis. Her journey led her through Europe to Asia in countries such as Turkey, China, Nepal, and India. She completed her Reiki 1/2 training before she met Yoga Academy and the Great Master Paramahamsa Yogacharya Maha Yogi in 2011. She made the most correct and accurate decision in her life when she chose to move to Istanbul to continue her studies on Yoga under his guidance. She became a Yoga Academy Therapist & Trainer to offer the Original Yoga System to humanity. 


Ardha Baddha Eka Padasana

Shirin Besharati was born on the 15th of September 1975 in Tehran. Despite her academic interest as an electronic engineer, she has also had many other passions throughout her life. One of these being her love of skiing. Also, because of cultural curiosity she has always had the urge to explore different places soaking up knowledge about different walks of life and other customs. She has had a passion for culture and for the wellbeing of human beings in general. She has always strived to maintain her spiritual endeavours through the Original Yoga System at Yoga Academy in Cyprus. She is aiming to expand her yoga practise as well as teaching and inspiring others to achieve their inner peace.


Raja Natarjasana

Kalani McManus was born in Honolulu, Hawaii. He lived in Washington, USA as a child, Kalani was trained in the disciplines of acrobatics, kung-fu, and gymnastics. He moved to Southern California in the summer of 2000 where he currently resides.

Kalani has an extensive background in training not only as a performer but also as a personal trainer, team coach, and group fitness instructor. He has been a Ballet Master for Elite Junior Olympic Level Rhythmic Gymnasts at Eurogymnastics in Anaheim, CA. He was even partnered with head coaches and Olympic Judges BB Ignatova and Ivanka Kirov. Kalani was also able to intern with the Professional Athletic Trainer Gregg Washington at Fitness !mpact of Long Beach, CA.
Kalani McManus is so thankful for the wisdom and tutelage of Paramahamsa Yogacharya Maha Yogi. He is extremely grateful that destiny has guided him to Yoga Academy and is devoted to inspiring the light within by teaching the Original Yoga System.


Karmasana one

Muriel was born in the capital of Algeria as a Spanish citizen. Because of her father's diplomatic career, she lived with her family in a few countries and studied in France and graduated Washington University with a master's degree in business and international finance. Muriel started her professional career at the World Bank in Washington, DC and later at the United Nations Health Organization of the United Nations in Latin America. She continued her work in other countries while always being interested in spiritual subjects. Muriel was has already been familiar with yoga and meditation but found that she truly wanted to be immersed in the yoga as an Original Yoga System, Therapist and Trainer after meeting with her trainer Sinem, at Yoga Academy. She has a daughter and family in Istanbul.


Parivritta Janu Shirshasana

Mariko was born in 1953 in Tokyo, Japan. After graduating from Kokugakuin University in 1976, she taught Japanese at T.I.C. and Kokusai Gakuyuukai. In 1979, she married a Turkish ship engineer and came to Istanbul. After 10 years of teaching Japanese at Turkish-Japanese Women's Friendship and Culture Association, she began working as an instructor in Japanese History Department at Bosphorous University in 1988. Since then, Mariko successfully taught Japanese for almost 29 years to over 1000 students. She also won the Excellence in Education Award at Bosphorous University in 2010 and 2015. Mariko began practicing yoga soon after the Adapazari earthquake. In 2015, she met the Yoga Master at Yoga Academy. Since then, her biggest dream is to open a Yoga Academy center in Tokyo, Japan.


Pincha Mayurasana

Ozun was born in Istanbul, and met with the Original Yoga System through a friend who introduced it to her. She felt mentally, spiritually, physically renewed and all her problems felt lighter. She noticed that she was gradually freed from all her past negatives tendencies like nervousness, stress, sickness, fatigue, and aggression. Ozun can confidentally say that she was actually reborn through the Original Yoga System. She decided to become a Yoga instructor to learn about the unique knowledge of other people and to advance on the path of evolution.


Viparita Shalabhasana

Angela was born in Massachusetts where she spent