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Contemporary medicine has confirmed that willful breathing makes a person healthier, stronger, lively and vigorous.


Medical science has examined the positive effect of willful breathing not only on the lungs, but also on the whole metabolism. Breathing exercises regulate breathing, relieve discomfort and control the mind. These techniques renew and energize the body-mind system as a whole. The respiratory system is revitalized and strengthened. The nervous system is calmed and soothed. The oxygen rate in the blood increases and circulation accelerates. All cells of the body are purified, nourished and gain vitality.


Correct and regular breathing exercises have a wide range of healing effects. Fatigue is relieved, energy flows in the body are strengthened, vital energy is balanced, organs are renewed, emotions are calmed, and the mind becomes peaceful. Rapid and shallow breathing triggers anxiety and fears. Thanks to breathing techniques, breathing deepens and slows down, the nervous system is relaxed and emotions are calmed. The heartbeat is regulated and the working rhythm of the cardiovascular system is adjusted to a healthy rhythm. Breathing techniques help control emotional impulses, memories, thoughts, and desires, and increase and develop the power of consciousness.


The whole organism is controlled by recognizing the nature of the breath and regulating the breathing patterns. The connection between energy and consciousness actually occurs through respiration. Breathing is a bridge between body and mind.

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