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Yoga Mindset

According to Yoga philosophy: “A flexible spine means a young body.” The spine stays flexible, strong and healthy by the means of yoga postures.

It is not important how much your body is stiff or rigid or how perfect you are performing the postures, what is important is the effort.


Don’t be demoralized because your body is not flexible and don’t give up your practice.


Don’t think you can’t benefit from Yoga because your body is stiff or application of the postures is impossible.


Always think positive.


You can do anything as long as you want to do. You have incredible potential which you are not aware, and they only need to be developed.

You can reclaim your youth; you should only apply Yoga for it.

Yoga for All Levels

Life starts with a breath so does our class. In this class, you can experience Bioenergy, Asanas (Postures), Pranayama (Breathing), Pratyahara, Dharana (Concentration), Dhyana (Meditation), and the Deep Relaxation like never before. People who hardly exercise will also enjoy this program, as you will leave the classroom with more energy than entering. As the breath is synchronized with the movement and the mind is harmonized with it, the neural system will relax, emotions will calm down, the mind will become still and the one will be able to see with a calm and clear perception. These techniques are preserved and intact from the days of Sanskrit era.


Real Flow

In this one hour Real Flow session you will apply 145 different Asana as one posture transforms into another one fluently, slowly, and rhythmically. By synchronizing each inhale and exhale with a movement as you have never applied before, as described in the original sources with the correct sequence, your muscles, joints and whole body will stretch, blood circulation and metabolism will accelerate, the oxygen intake will increases, the body will heat and sweat, muscle and skin cells will renew, lungs will strengthen also the digestive and excretory systems become active. The best and most fun way to shape up!



Yoga for Stress Relief

This class is for all levels. It is a private space without competition, as our goal is to positively work with the mind, body, and emotions. Our relaxation techniques help alleviate the mental and physical stress accumulated from our sedentary lifestyle. Specifically, our breathing techniques can relax the mind and balance the autonomic nervous system. With continued practice and the correct application, the student can balance the body’s hormonal functions. In this way, the body will build a natural immunity and a mental buffer against future stress and depression.


Yoga for Weightloss

The Original Yoga System helps for a balanced and healthy lifestyle. Not only do the postures contribute to slimming, but attitude towards health can improve. Under favorable factors of correct breathing, harmonized digestive system, relaxation, and emotional relief, the student obtains a natural and self regulative habit. Develop the body-mind dialogue and increase the awareness of the needs of your body by using postures that are effective instruments to get into shape and to keep fit. The speed of a student’s evolution relies on regular application.  


Yoga for 60+

Original Yoga System is the true anti-aging method. Yoga postures, by reducing the force of gravity, retard aging, and prevent the collapse of muscles and organs. Elderly people who do Yoga in a very short time feel themselves younger; because the human spirit never grows old and when a person applies Original Yoga System and fills with energy, one feels young again. Therefore, when an elderly person stretches and relaxes his stiff, rigid and tense body by means of Yoga postures, he feels younger, active and energetic and gets more pleasure out of life. The stressed life of our days has negative effects on bone density and causes osteoporosis. Frequent release of adrenalin destroys the calcium in the bones and deranges hormone balance. Original Yoga System techniques relieve the effects of stress, build needed balances, and increase bone density. Respiratory and cardiovascular systems work more effectively, bones grow stronger, insulin sensitivity, and urinary system functions get regularized, the immune system and the ability to positively handle stress is developed, healthy lipid and cholesterol metabolism is formed and existing chronic disorders are removed. Yoga postures do not exhaust the heart. The Heart is harmonically stimulated, refreshed and regenerated. According to various scientific researches, correct and regular practice of Yoga postures preserve and improve bone density, prevent osteoporosis, and easy bone fractures.

Yoga for Kids

It is the best to start yoga practice at the age of 5-7. According to modern research he pineal gland begins degeneration at the age of 8. With regular practice of the Original Yoga System, the collapse of the pineal gland is delayed as we perform techniques to balance the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems. The postures help proper and balanced growth of the child's body. One who begins implementation of the postures from childhood will retain their flexibility. Yoga also helps children in their school life. Children become more controlled and calm, intellectual discernment, clarity and concentration can increase.


Through Yoga postures, sensitivity of the body and physical awareness increases, mental and physical integrity is provided. Therefore, physical, mental, spiritual harmony and health can be obtained. The practice of Asanas helps the recovery from tension, anxiety and depression. When the accumulated tension, distress and negative energy are expelled from the body, the mind becomes clearer, calm and agile. As the body relaxes, the mind gets refreshed and becomes more vivid and serene. In this way, the child can better control their temper, become more tolerant, develop more self-confidence and can easily cope with psychological problems. Thus, the child's body can grow strong, more robust and durable.


Yoga for Prenatal

This class aims to ease the back pain, circulation, and digestion problems experienced during pregnancy. By relaxing and strengthening the pelvic muscles during Asanas, or postures, prenatal cramps and pains can be prevented. In addition, our use of the abdominal (diaphragmic) breathing develops the lower abdominal muscles for the birthing process. By synchronizing the movement with the breath, we can calm the neural system and increase the available oxygen supply for your baby. Our Original Yoga System can help you to go through this important period of your life and improves your body for a faster postpartum body recovery.


Let's Work Together

We've partnered with hospitals, universities, schools, and local businesses to deliver a tailor made package for your organizations. Contact us at the number below to receive a slideshow and a free 15 minute presentation. 

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