I have very long work hours and it was very stressful to manage work and home. After I started with the Original Yoga System, my outlook towards life changed. Positivity took the front row and I also noticed that the energy levels have been great. Overall there has been a noticeable change for good. 


"I have found the classes to be reflective, healing, and energizing. This is now my favorite yoga system because it focuses on gradual growth and stretching, meditation, breath, and working with your body to improve health and flexibility - not overworking like in so many other yoga systems. This isn't the typical "cardio-workout" yoga with so many "downward dogs".


This is the first time that I have done Yoga but I am very thankful that I found the Original Yoga System. It is exactly what I was looking for to stretch, practice deep breathing, increase my concentration and just to relax. I always look forward to practicing Original Yoga System and I can´t believe how quickly an 1 and a half hour class goes by. I really look forward to progressing with this system step by step.


"By practicing regularly the techniques of the Original Yoga System, I have found a sense of peace and balance in my life. The subtle techniques are well calculated so that even the beginner may practice with ease. With persistent practice I´m noticing a feeling of balance and confidence and an improvement in my overall health. It is something I´ve not felt with any other yoga types. I am truly grateful to have found the Original Yoga System as it has brought into my life a sense of direction and salvation for which I was yearning. The more I practice, the more dedicated I feel to healing and developing myself spiritually and physically. " 


Original Yoga System improved my health drastically!! The cramps in my leg that no physical therapy helped disappeared only after weeks of practicing the Original Yoga System. My posture improved, my energy level increased, my back pain disappeared. I learned how to breathe correctly. Not only breathing exercises calm my brain but also help oxygenate my body. Even my mood improved. I feel happier and healthier every time I practice yoga. Original Yoga System works like a miracle. I highly recommend Original Yoga System to everybody who are willing to make positive changes in their lives!


Yoga helps you relax and refresh your mind. The Original Yoga System does this and much more. Whether you are stressed or just looking to find some peace and mental clarity in your daily life, the best decision you can make is to learn some ancient yoga techniques to breathe out all of your worries. It definitely helped me get through the stress of Medical School so I am very lucky to have found OYS!! It is truly therapeutic for both the body and the mind.

I never realized how much my life could transform until I practiced the Original Yoga System techniques: the divisions within me began to end and my awareness began to rise. I connected with the present moment, forgot the pains of the past, and stopped worrying about the uncertain future. When I started practicing yoga regularly, I began the journey towards discovering my true self and found peace through being a mindful observer. I stopped rushing through life and began to move towards mental coalescence and existential truth. I have overcome countless fears and learned how to love myself. My inner world feels so much more balanced after 4 years of practicing OYS, and my outer world reflects it too! Once inner balance is achieved, everything else falls into place. My life has changed in all the best ways thanks to The Original Yoga System – beyond anything I had ever imagined!