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With the Chakra Study DVD, which everyone can safely apply at home, very effective techniques are offered to protect and improve physical and mental health and increase the quality of life.


The Chakra Study DVD is the most complete masterpiece of chakra study you can get. This invaluable guide will help you recognize and unlock your inner potential.




Chakra centers take life energy from the universe and the environment and transform it into frequencies necessary for the material body and subtle regions to live. Through the chakra system, man is in constant exchange with the environment and the different levels of the universe. Chakra centers have special ties to both certain organs and certain states of consciousness.


The techniques applied help the energy centers called chakras to work in a balanced, symmetrical and harmonious way, to activate and revitalize.


The information and techniques given are based on both extensive theoretical research and practical applications, as well as the direct instructions of the True Yoga Masters in the Himalayan Mountains. This DVD is very helpful for anyone seeking energetic and mental control, harmony, balance and peace in their daily life. In this work, effective techniques based on the Original Yoga System are given to make the chakra system healthy and the energy centers harmonious.


This work of the Great Master Akif Manaf, who has deep knowledge of the esoteric working principles of the chakra centers, is an extremely valuable gift for everyone.


Kundalini is the potential power or energy that resides in the body in a dormant state, located at the center of the Muladhara Chakra in the coccyx. The knowledge and techniques presented on this DVD will enable the individual to develop strengths and potentials that are not often used. The organism will become stronger, more durable and energetic, all organs and systems will be revitalized and work more efficiently. Areas of the brain that are usually lethargic and unused will become active and begin to be used.

This DVD presents techniques for awakening the Kundalini energy. Throughout the DVD practice, he guides us to overcome the limited states of consciousness of daily monotonous experiences, to discover the mysterious evolutionary energy that exists but not used in everyone, and to develop potential abilities. With correct and systematic practices, it is possible to revitalize the Chakra centers, regulate physical and mental functions, and increase the Kundalini energy.

Kundalini techniques are a very broad subject with unlimited potentials. The correct application of these techniques requires experience. This work, which conveys the conscious, safe and effective awakening and activation of Kundalini energy and ways to benefit from it on a physical, mental and spiritual level, helps to maximize personal potentials.

Chakra Practice Dvd EnglishMP4

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