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Connection with the Sun Energy


The sun is a symbol of vitality. The Sun Energy Connection technique is a very impressive method for relaxing, stretching, massaging and revitalizing all internal organs, muscles and joints of the body. Connection with Solar Energy consists of three elements: form, energy and rhythm.  The regular and rhythmic sequence of postures reflects the rhythms of the universe, the twenty-four hours of the day, the twelve solar phases of the year, and the biorhythms of the body. 



Connection with Lunar Energy DVD


If the Solar Energy applied technique is done very well, the Moon Energy Connection technique application can be started. The ideal time to apply the Lunar Energy Connection technique is when the full moon rises. As the phases of the moon change, the practice is felt in different ways. The stomach should be empty during the application. The Moon is the symbol of mental power. The connection with the Lunar Energy consists of three elements: form, energy, and rhythm. The fourteen postures are associated with the fourteen phases. Regular and rhythmic succession of showers reflects the rhythms of the universe and the fourteen lunar phase, positively affecting the biorhythm of the body. 

Connecting with the Sun and Moon Energy

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