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International Yoga Therapy Expert Certification Course


This course covers Yoga Therapy education for the following 8 illnesses:


Heart Disease, Cancer, Chronic Respiratory Disease, Brain Disease, Stomach Disease, Diabetes, Herniated Disc/Sciatic Pains, and Alzheimer's Diease. 


From our friends at the American Yoga Association and International Yoga Federation, become a Yoga Therapy expert by applying 1 hour classes, and 1 hour theory for over 8 days!

Lead trainer: Haruna Uriu



March 18 - 7:30~9:30pm

March 19 - 7:30~9:30pm

March 20 - 7:30~9:30pm

March 21 - Break

March 22 - 7:30~9:30pm

March 23 - Break

March 24 - 7:30~9:30pm

March 25 - 7:30~9:30pm

March 26 - 7:30~9:30pm

March 27 - 7:30~9:30pm


Terms of Participation and Waiver:


By selecting the "Purchase" button, the participant's health status is deemed to be suitable for all online activities in Yoga Academy and the participant certifies the participation conditions and waiver of liabilities.

International Yoga Therapy Expert Certification Course

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