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In modern "yoga" books available in the market: "It is stated that the origin of yoga is based on India." Unfortunately, this is a claim that does not reflect the facts. Because yoga is the most ancient art and science belonging to our entire planet. This art strengthens the body, calms the mind, calms the senses and brings out the spirit. The roots of yoga reach back to the Aryan civilization that once existed on our entire planet. However, the Original Yoga System was not the product of Aryan civilization and is older than civilization.

Posture of the WEEK

Pada Prasar Paschimottanasana is a pose that effectively stretches the hamstrings, leg and hip muscles and stretches the spine forward. In this pose, we massage the organs in the abdomen and pelvis, open and relax the arms, shoulders, and chest area.


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Established in 2001, Yoga Academy serves to carry out Yoga education in a scientific way and to teach Yoga techniques to help improve people's physical, mental and spiritual health for the benefit of their spiritual evolution.
The trainings given within the Yoga Academy are based on the Original Yoga System; it is a deep philosophy with clear expression, scientific explanations, and the experiencing of correct techniques.